Excellent service, great rapport & my health is improving based on their recommendations, referrals & caring support.
Jaminah S.

Had a prolozone/ozone injection and as always, it worked almost immediately & will continue improving over time. I truly appreciate the knowledge Dr Shegeft has in the area of ozone treatment. It really is a game changer!
Sandy N.

Maria M.

Dr Cruz is caring, listening and not in a rush! She has helped me off prescription drug for my high blood pressure. Now, it is consistently normal with only taking a natural supplement. Thank you Dr. Cruz!
Robert C.

I’ve never met a more compassionate doctor in my life! Dr Shegheft honestly cares! He tries his best to help and doesn’t drop the ball doing it! I highly recommend him! I would not hesitate to take my own loving mother to him.
Scott W.

I appreciated how I was treated. He took a lot of energy and knowledge trying to figure out what was going on. He wasn’t in a hurry got a go, goodbye. I was a real live person asking questions and wanting solutions. He was there to help to the best he could.
Sharon D.

Muy buen trato. Excelente atencion
Jose L.

I had a great experience getting my first iron IV here. I felt completely comfortable and safe the entire time. I appreciated that Dr. Shegeft not only took the time to make an iron IV plan with me, but a follow up plan that would help make sure I maintained my levels as well.
Brittany M.

Dr. Shegeft is extremely caring, thoughtful and thorough. Highly recommend!
Tana M.

Every time I am in the office I feel welcomed and heard. Great staff and services.
Jennifer C.

Dr Shegeft was spot on with his supplement recommendations; my kidney numbers increased by 11 points and my cholesterol went down! That is huge!! Always an advocate for wellness and not merely treating symptoms, but getting down to the cellular level as to “why” and treating that! Moving to naturopathic medicine was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! In addition to my whole body wellness, Dr Shegeft has also treated old injuries using prolozone injections….GAME CHANGER!! So many uses, all natural and amazing results for me! I highly recommend Dr Shegeft for all your wellness needs! I drive from Gig Harbor to Edmonds(1.5-2hrs) because I wouldn’t trust my wellness to anyone else but Dr Shegeft.
Sandy N.

Dr. Cruz is amazing and I’ve only had one visit – she listened to my health issues and seems very passionate about getting to the bottom of what ails you!
Susan B.

Nice people
Carol P.

Dr. Cruz is the most caring and patient doctor I have ever seen. She listens and truly wants to help you feel better and do what is best for you. She will give you the options and the choice of your path in your healing while providing all the options and pros and cons. Having a doctor who wants you to have the choice and just wants what is best for you is a refreshing feeling. 100% would recommend her to anyone.
Charissa M.

Hi helps me on stuff that I need for my health and my recovering
Felipe R.

Dr Mohammad’s attention to focusing on helping me get focused on weight loss and getting to my goals health wise! Also great at seeing when changes need to be made for attaining the next goal!
Paul H.

I’m ultra terrified of going to the doctor and have had several bad experiences with other medical professionals but Sidney made me feel very safe and cared for, would highly recommend her especially if you’ve got doctors office anxiety 🙂
Pearl F.

Dr.Shegeft was wonderful. He was very patient, took a lot of time to explain the procedure thoroughly, and he answered all my questions.
Merrie B.

Was nice to meet you guys very friendly. I was very impressed Dr. Wanted to make sure my next app time was not when traffic was bad.
Tami S.

Jose L.

Always a pleasure to come into this office and see Dr Shegeft.I feel like I can say what’s going on and then move to a solution.
Kelly R.

Jennifer C.

Was great experience really appreciate the time and care provided
Shyon B.

Dr. Shegeft is very professional and knowledgeable physician and I feel very confident in the treatment plan he has outlined. Dr. Shegeft made me feel comfortable and the clinic is designed to meet patient’s needs. I highly recommend Dr. Mohammad Shegeft!
Peter A.

Dr.Cruz is absolutely fantastic!! She is thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and kind! As her patient, I feel seen, and heard, I a fully confident in my care plan, and am feeling better than I have in years!
G. Mishelle Z.

Very informative about preventive actions for better health and welfare… very helpful in decisions about taking supplements to staying natural for body & mind healing and a good healthful wellbeing!
Dennis N.

Smart, thorough, caring, knowledgeable, and effective. With Dr. Cruz’s help, I was able to conquer high cholesterol and normalize all my labs. She is my doctor-for-life and doctor-in-life. I can be a bit whiney and anxious, but she patiently LISTENS to me, gives me all the facts I need to understand my condition, and makes following her recommendations easy because I understand why and how they work. For once, I’m not patronized or given pat answers by a doctor who only knows how to prescribe chemicals which always have side-effects. She makes it easy for me to be compliant because she respects my concerns, and she respects me. And she is amazingly good at healing, using gentle but powerfully synergistic natural medicines.
Daine R.

Dr. Cruz is awesome!
Angeline M.

Hi motivated me and hi help me on the things that I need and that hi thinks that will be helpful for me. And hi is so friendly
Felipe R.

Love this place. Dr.Cruz took interest in what I had to say, listen to my concern and help develop a plan to help me get pregnant!
Shawneen N.

Dr Cruz is the most compassionate, caring and eager to help of any doctor I’ve come across before. I came in with chronic pain, and a plethora of other symptoms and she is the first one to really listen to me and believe me, and have my back in what we need to do for treatment going forward. Her bedside manner is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met, and the other dr as well as the woman up front are so sweet as well. I am so grateful to have found dr. Cruz and I am looking forward to working with her to improve my health and well being. Thank you so much, dr Cruz!
Bri R.

Excellent experience! The doctor is profesional, and take all the time to listen to my concerns. I highly recommend this clinic and both doctors are great!
Ivonne H.

Dr. Shegeft took the time to review my health concerns. He showed a true interest in my personal health journey. He helped me with a health plan. I felt very comfortable with his solutions and do feel very supported.
Roberta W.

Best doctor ever!
Morgan F.

Dr. Sidney was incredibly warm and welcoming! She listened and validated all of my concerns and gave knowledgeable insight with clear options for addressing the issues.
Mallory J.

I felt like the Dr was very thorough and “ heard” me.
Nancy H.

Excelente trabajo siempre al pendiente de que la salud de uno esté bien Me grada mucho tenerlo como mi doctor
Alma G.

Great experience and I’ve found my Dr. for life when it comes to cardiovascular health. The holistic approach is great and reviewing bloodwork and in-depth genetics really helps with understanding my health needs! Dr. Cruz was also inviting! This practice sets the highest of standards!
Jason H.

Always the best Preventative care. A Dr that listens is rare Dr Shegeft listens
James C.

She is an Amazing Doctor that is very endearing and really cares for her patients. She works very hard to ensure you are getting the best care possible and works with her patients to ensure they are happy. I’m very glad she is my Doctor.
William B.

I couldn’t be more impressed. Dr. Shegeft listened carefully to my concerns as well as my input. He prioritized my needs and created a plan. He did additional research given my unique medical record. The process has gone quickly–fast turnaround on testing results and a fast turnaround on feedback from Dr. Shegeft. As a result, I started the prescribed treatment much sooner than I had ever expected.
Bob J.

It has been an incredible experience working with Dr. Cruz and the Connect Integrative Medicine team. They take healthcare seriously and truly get to know their patients. That was important for me when selecting a provider – they know me, I know them, and time is spent with attention and detail. I would highly recommend them for individuals that want to balance natural and medical solutions for their wellbeing and health.
Jenny M.

Very pleasant and informative appt
Hans L.

Dr.Shegeft is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things fully. He really has your best interest in mind and advises based on that.
Kamarie O.