Patients Reviews
Dr. Cruz is amazing! I truly feel listened to when I bring up concerns during my appointments. Dr. Cruz really connects with her patients to make them feel seen, heard, and cared for in all aspects. I cannot recommend her enough!

Meghan Scott | Sep 13, 2022
She is an Amazing Doctor that is very endearing and really cares for her patients. She works very hard to ensure you are getting the best care possible and works with her patients to ensure they are happy. I’m very glad she is my Doctor.

William B. | Sep 12, 2022
I couldn't be more impressed. Dr. Shegeft listened carefully to my concerns as well as my input. He prioritized my needs and created a plan. He did additional research given my unique medical record. The process has gone quickly--fast turnaround on testing results and a fast turnaround on feedback from Dr. Shegeft. As a result, I started the prescribed treatment much sooner than I had ever expected.

Bob J. | Jul 13, 2022
It has been an incredible experience working with Dr. Cruz and the Connect Integrative Medicine team. They take healthcare seriously and truly get to know their patients. That was important for me when selecting a provider - they know me, I know them, and time is spent with attention and detail. I would highly recommend them for individuals that want to balance natural and medical solutions for their wellbeing and health.

Jenny M. | Jul 13, 2022
Very pleasant and informative appt

Hans L. | Jul 13, 2022
Dr.Shegeft is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things fully. He really has your best interest in mind and advises based on that.

Kamarie O. | Jul 13, 2022