At CIM you can design a custom IV therapy regiment that caters to your specific health and wellness needs. This health trend is said to work wonders on everything from hangovers to arthritis. IVs have been a powerful tool used in medicine for decades to deliver medicine, hydration, blood transfusions, detoxification of heavy metals, and nutrition.
Each IV formula is a custom-made mixture of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, fluids, detoxifiers, and other supplements that are tailored to your current ailments and health goals.
This elective version of IV therapy is now gaining popularity with celebrities, professional athletes, and anyone looking into preventive therapies for chronic illnesses.
Custom IV Therapy ensures the most efficient delivery of vitamins and minerals to your body because they are fed directly into the bloodstream. This allows for better absorption of nutrients that may otherwise lose potency when taken orally.

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Here is a small list of IVs we provide:

Cruise Control/Zen
Brain Vitality/ Sharpen/ Mental Acuity
Hydration/ Hydrate
Iron+/ Iron Power/ Iron Up/ Force/ Strength/ Vigor
Immune boost/ Defense + Protect/ Liquid Armour
Recovery + Prep/ Surgery Prep
Beast mode/ SuperMan/ SuperWoman


Body Boost

This solution consists of a high dose Vitamin C, B-vitamins and Amino acids which boosts the immune system by helping your body fight viruses and bacteria. This is a great stand along treatment, or can be combined with our Ozone therapy for those chronic viral infections like Lyme disease, EBV and even shingles.

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Feel your stress melt away with our relaxing and proprietary blend of vitamins, IV fluids and electrolytes designed to help reduce stress and loosen up.

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Your body is your most important aspect of yourself, this IV blend will help you feel refreshed, vitally purified and wonderfully nourished, so that you can be your best you. This is also a treatment for heavy metal toxicity like lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

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Concussion Care
Brain fog? Easily distracted? Need to sharpen your focus a little? This IV blend will help improve your mental acuity and allow for a more refined inner-focus. A powerful combination of vitamins, menials and amino acids like Glutathione can help you recover faster from a long work week, from a concussion and can with help some neurological conditions like Parkinson

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A body-quenching combination of IV fluids and electrolytes, designed to hydrate you fast, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. This is more than just a bag of saline.

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Symptoms of anemia? This fortifying and replenishing IV blend will help revitalize and invigorate the body, promoting strength and vitality to those suffering from symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

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Defend + Protect
Feeling a little under the weather, or just trying to prevent it? This vitamin c-infused IV blend with B-vitamins and immune boosting amino acids like Taurine will provide a hearty boost to your immune system and help prevent illness and doubly manage any existing flu-like symptoms. This is perfect to boost your immune system before any trip.

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These nourishing and fortifying IV blends will help you transition into (and out of) procedures smoother, quicker and more comfortably, as well as greatly supporting the body’s natural recovery process post-procedure.

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Peak Performance
That’s right sport fans. This infusion of NAD+ will provide an athletic boost to maximize your workouts, keep you hydrated longer, and encourage quicker muscle recovery time, giving you the edge that you need to run at peak performance.

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Ozone therapy is an incredibly versatile procedure that works by delivering high levels of oxygen to broad (or targeted) areas of the body, in order to not only induce, but enhance the body’s natural healing processes. We offer a unique technique of IV Ozone called 10-pass therapy. Studies have shown that this treatment will vitalize the body’s stem cells making your body heal and feel younger.
Typically, the “normal” oxygen we’re most familiar with is O2–this is the oxygen we breathe every day–it contains only two oxygen atoms, whereas the oxygen used in Ozone therapy utilizes enriched oxygen that contains three oxygen atoms.
These high levels of enriched oxygen–when exposed to the body’s system–have been shown to provide a number of benefits, ranging from boosting the body’s ability to fight infections through stimulation of white blood cell production, to increasing overall metabolism. The benefits are numerous, and the treatment is incredibly versatile and malleable to the needs of the patient.

The range of treatments that Ozone therapy can help with are many, and if you face difficulties with:

Back Pain
High Cholesterol
Chronic inflammation
Recurring fungal infections
Peripheral artery disease
Lyme Disease
And more…


And don’t forget Prolozone injection therapy to regenerate and eliminate local pain from joint and muscles.
If you have any questions or you would like more information regarding Ozone Therapy, or if would like to schedule an appointment, please visit our online appointments page.