Nutrition affects your health, but figuring out what you need to eat isn’t always easy. At Connect Integrative Medicine in Edmonds, Washington, Dr. Mohammad Shegeft, Dr. Sidney Cruz, and the team offer dietary counseling to help you create a health-promoting eating plan for weight loss, gut health, or food intolerances. Call the office or schedule your dietary counseling session online today.

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What is dietary counseling?

Dietary counseling provides individualized nutrition plans and advice to address specific health concerns. It’s a form of professional therapy that focuses on what, how, and when you eat, providing the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to create the nutrition changes that benefit your health.

Connect Integrative Medicine is a primary care practice that takes an integrative and comprehensive approach to care. The team understands how nutrition affects health and provides dietary counseling to promote wellness and prevent disease.

Who benefits from dietary counseling?

Anyone with concerns about their diet or nutrition benefits from dietary counseling. The team at Connect Integrative Medicine provides dietary counseling for:

Weight loss and management

Though many factors influence your weight, diet plays a significant role in helping you lose those unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

The team at Connect Integrative Medicine provides dietary counseling for weight loss and weight management. The team customizes nutrition plans based on health needs and food preferences.

Then, they work closely with you, helping you incorporate the nutritional changes into your everyday life.

Gut health

What you eat may cause uncomfortable digestive symptoms like gas, heartburn, or constipation. Your diet also influences the balance of microbes that live in your gut, which may play a significant role in disease prevention.

The team at Connect Integrative Medicine provides dietary counseling to improve gut health, helping you incorporate foods that ease your digestion issues and benefit your overall health.

Food intolerances

The Connect Integrative Medicine team provides dietary counseling for food intolerances, helping you eliminate the foods that cause problems and create a nutritious eating plan that meets your needs.

What can I expect from dietary counseling?

You can expect patient-centered care from your dietary counseling at Connect Integrative Medicine. The specifics of your counseling depend on your needs and goals.

However, the team conducts a thorough history and physical before making any diet recommendations. The information they gather from your examination helps them develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Once your plan is in place, the team schedules regular follow-up appointments to provide additional education and adjust as needed.

Dietary counseling at Connect Integrative Medicine can help you create an eating plan you can follow for life. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.