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Connect Integrative Medicine

Connect Integrative Medicine offers comprehensive health care for everyone in the Edmonds, Washington, community, and the greater Seattle area, from the age of 14 through the retirement years. As naturopathic primary care physicians, Dr. Mohammad Shegeft and Dr. Sidney Cruz combine their expertise in conventional, natural, and regenerative medicine to create truly customized treatments that restore optimal health and well-being.

The practice offers innovative and integrative care where patients spend more time in direct contact with their physicians. They draw from many possible treatments, including ozone therapy, physical medicine, and regenerative treatments like Prolozone injection therapy and, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.

Dietary counseling, IV vitamin therapy, and supplements serve as essential treatments in naturopathic care. Without proper nutrition, the human body can’t produce energy, heal, or function.

While the team carefully diagnoses and treats all the illnesses, injuries, and chronic conditions faced by adolescents and adults, they specialize in caring for digestive wellness, anti-aging therapies, thyroid disease, and women’s and men’s health. They also provide care for workers’ compensation and auto accident injuries, including all aspects of claims management.

The Connect Integrative Medicine team strives to build long-lasting relationships with their patients. They want each person to feel empowered as part of the team, making informed decisions, preventing disease, and living a healthy, thriving life.

Times are changing! Health care is progressively moving toward a concierge and preventive mode. At Connect Integrative Medicine, the team puts that into practice, leading the field with comprehensive, integrative, and preventive care.

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